Cody Trails

Today, it’s going to be about photos. Simon drove me up to Cody (I left the car in Sandon) and showed me the trail up. Very cool for a number of reasons. First, another new trail! Second, I found the sunglasses Simon lost and third – hey! My new boots got their first really good workout and proved themselves very well indeed!

I got to the end (sort of) of the bluebird trail and made the mistake of trying to continue by climbing up a slag heap. Bad idea.

Coming back down was a bum slide.

But then onward – over to the Reco trail and up and up. I had set a turnaround time or two: either 1 p.m. or at the snow line or at the top of the ridge – whatever came first. And hey! at 12.45, I popped out on top of the ridge. Lovely! Great views, sunshine and a super place for lunch.

Along the way I crossed an old mining site complete with ancient outhouse – and several sketchy trail parts that required going back down with a low centre of gravity, especially when I missed a switchback and found myself on a steep scree slope thinking, “I don’t think this is quite right!”

It was wonderful to get out on a good day – lovely to do 1200 metres and feel strong – and even better to come home and find that Simon had heaved a gazillion huge logs of firewood off a mountain and into the wood shed! Wow! And he drove me to the trailhead. How amazing is that?

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1 Response to Cody Trails

  1. Rod Dunnett says:

    Where does that trail start? Right from the “new” cabin?

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