In the Details

Sometimes, it’s all in the details – especially when you have to work with the government. And today it was both Service Canada and Service BC.

Who knew that living together common-law would require so damn much paperwork. I mean, isn’t that one of the reasons not to go through the formal process – so that you can avoid all that?

Apparently, there is no avoiding. The funniest thing was sitting with one of the commissioners this morning. She read a statement (I can’t for the life of me remember what it was) – something about living together. And we both had to say “Yes.” This, I suppose, was in lieu of “I do.” I almost giggled – because neither one of us wanted to “get married again.”

Well – no name changing was involved – so that’s good.

But seriously, it felt good to get all these details handled – and my new driver’s license and BC Med card – and I finally became an organ donor. Hell, I even took it one step farther and donated my body to research. What the heck, right?

So we did miles of paperwork with extremely helpful people at both service centres. And I got an early birthday present! Yay! Great shoulder-season gloves!

And then this afternoon we took the pups to Bannock Point and Shanara got to fetch sticks in the lake, so that made her day.

And hiking tomorrow with my sweetie! Double yay!

Although, after a day like today, with all the driving, I am so tired. It’s that mental tiredness that’s so hard. A good physical tired feels wonderful – the mental kind is like a blanket over my brain. Don’t like it one bit. Still – hiking tomorrow, right?

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