Bed Sheets

I have a spent a good deal of the day pondering – actually, agonizing, over buying bed sheets. Yes – these are the important things.

I don’t waste a lot of time over small decisions – like whether to dash off to Europe on a minute’s notice. Oh no, I save my fingernail biting for the big stuff:


So – here’s the dilemma: Our fitted sheets appear be going threadbare to the point of having holes in them. This simply won’t do. They’ve been around for 8 – 10 years so they’ve done pretty good. And I love them. They are the perfect sheets and in the exact right colour. I would love to find the exact same sheets again. Ain’t gonna happen. Not on-line. Believe me, I have looked.

And you can’t buy sheets in the Koots unless you are willing to spend a fortune in Nelson. And I don’t want to drive all the way to Kelowna for heavens sakes.

So – back to online shopping. But I don’t trust online because the colour is never accurate. And I want a sage green. Okay – so here’s the thing: do I buy just fitted sheets? And then the colour doesn’t matter so much. Or do I invest in two sheet sets?

What if the colour isn’t exactly right?

You see?

Nope – I can’t decide – and so I shall procrastinate. (sigh)

A week ago today, I was touring the Chateau Chillon, marvelling at the old castle, being deeply moved by the history – today I am worried about sheets.


Yeah – really.

On another note, we have a house showing tomorrow and in addition to sheet searching, I spent the entire morning cleaning and scrubbing the house as well as working on my sourdough bread. I even dusted. Hell, I even mopped floors!

So this means taking the pups for an early morning hike to get us all out of the house. Something uphill I think… take my mind off sheets…

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