Zurich airport

I had tons of time this morning so I took the long way to the train station – the route I took yesterday but this time with my camera. So! Presto! All the photos I didn’t take the day before but because this was Sunday morning, no crowds of people!

And you know, it’s just as well I had a lot of time. You see, I bought many pounds of chocolate yesterday, not really giving a lot of thought to how I was going to get it all home. I spent a fair bit of time packing and rearranging everything in my backpack and actually managing to make the booty fit inside.

And then I had to pick the pack up and put it on my back.

Well then.

Let me tell you, not even backpacking in Yoho for 5 days did I have a pack nearly as heavy as this. But I did get it in place. I have become an expert at heaving this pack around. But it did mean that I had to walk very, very slowly – sloth-like in fact. And I had to bend over and lean rather heavily on my poles. But I got to the station. And because I was walking down Bahnhofstrasse, I took the requisite photos of brand names and window displays!

Including, of course, the holy grail of all Swiss shops:

And the second best of all Zurich stores!

And it was a beautiful morning – church bells ringing on and on and sounding quite wonderful and that fresh new feeling before the bustle begins:

And then I was there at the station – and I do love big city train stations. I love the light that filters in and the way sound echoes and pigeons flying high overhead and the food vendors with their pretzel carts and the feel of adventure – everyone setting out to somewhere new, somewhere exciting…

And then I bought my ticket and 10 minutes later I was at the airport, found my shuttle and checked in. And then I was back on the shuttle to the airport because it’s Sunday and in Switzerland, everything closes on Sunday (and I don’t mind at all – it’s kind of nice – a whole day off for almost everyone) and if I wanted lunch, dinner and breakfast, I would have to buy it somewhere and the airport was the only place where shops were open.

Zurich airport is interesting – kind of a monster shopping mall, which coincidentally has gates where airplanes take off. Really! There are two huge full grocery stores. Imagine Vancouver airport with a Safeway and Save-on and a huge food court and every shop you would expect on Robson Street. I am not exaggerating!

So I went into one of those grocery stores and bought enough food for today and tomorrow morning. And then I noticed I had only 10 Swiss francs left. At the same time, I noticed that immediately across from the Migros supermarket was the Sprungli store. Yes, Sprungli thoughtfully has a store before the flight check-in area. Just in case you were silly enough not to visit them on Bahnhofstrasse. So guess what I did?

Well, I mean, I had to spend those last 10 francs, right? Right?

And then after lunch and a much-needed nap, I did it: bit into my first Grand Cru. Blissed-out does not begin to describe it.

No words.

And then I walked in the warm afternoon sun for a few hours this afternoon. Followed my instincts and walked to Kloten and up the same hill Julie and I walked up three years ago and I walked by the hotel we stayed at and I marvelled that I found it – completely by accident. Pretty cool!

And that’s it. I’ll be in bed in about three hours because I have to be up before 4 am to make my flight. Ouch! And, knowing me, I won’t sleep well because I’ll be anticipating having to get up. But I’ve got a power bar or two and a couple of bananas to rev me up and get me going.

Sooooo looking forward to Simon and the puppies.

Thoughts for the last couple of days:

So happy and content in my own alone company. Odd how time works. The big hike already seems like a dream – something that happened in a past life. Right now feels real. Tomorrow is a mystery. And I’m okay with that.

Things about me that probably will never change. I started trying to change me when I was very young. Really young. I thought that I should be a better, kinder, more loveable person – and goddess knows I tried.

Now I think I actually have changed over the years and I like myself better today than I did 20 years ago. These changes, however, weren’t about being a “nicer” person but about being more “me.” Discovering and owning my true nature. That’s an ongoing process.

And there are things about me that might never change and I’m learning to not only accept but embrace those parts that I have always deemed less than admirable. I get impatient – a lot. The phrase that embodies my dark side: “what’s taking you so long!” This often applies more to things than people – but to both, honestly. And I don’t think that’s about to change. I can, however, alter the way I handle it. I know how to be more Zen-like, take a deep breath, accept. But impatience is part of who I am. Simon can attest to my adventure with scissors and especially knives when it comes to opening packaging that should be easy, darnit!

I’m never going to be a bundle of sweetness and light. I’m just going to take more time to notice how I genuinely feel about things and express that and live that and be true to myself. At least, that’s what I’m going to strive for. And not give a rats ass about what other people think. (I probably will care. But it’s a work I progress.)

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2 Responses to Zurich airport

  1. phoenixraay says:

    Beautiful post. Those stores look so fancy! haha

  2. Congrats Goody! You’re so strong! You walked your way through Switzerland and crossed the alps! Will you write a post for us statistic nerds about total length, height, number of cow shit you stepped in, number of goats, number of times you called yourself crazy, number of bandaids and so on? 😉

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