Today’s adventure

I’m sorry but you’ll have to forgive the lack of photos. It was not the kind of day that inspired them. Well yes. I have one:

It’s an old photo of Zurich. Just because I spent enough time there in the really long customs lineup. But then my backpack was waiting for me and I made an insanely fast connection to Sargans.

That’s where the trouble (ahem – adventure) began

I walked from the train station into town: 1 block. I found two hotels. Both were full to the rafters. Wandered around tired, sweaty and hungry. I was directed to the other end of town. One more hotel. It was full. It is now 8 pm. I am very tired and very hungry. I stop strangers in the Street. Where is there a room, I ask?

They tell me there is none. I accost two old men gabbing in a front yard and ask them. They get out the phone book and call all the surrounding areas. No go.

I walk back to the railway station. I can sleep on a bench – use the public toilet. I have no options.

I stop by the Hotel Post one last time. Please? I ask. Have you looked everywhere? Do you have a broom closet?

Well, the owner says. We did have one room free but it was reserved. They called and just this minute cancelled.

I have a suite for the price of a single room. Yes, a suite!

And I am eating a fabulous salad and I have showered.

That was my angel looking after me.

On another note, as soon as I got on the trail platform in Zurich, I had a feeling wash over me – the one that always comes here: the feeling of being at home inside my skin. Looking out the train window, the landscape felt like home.

It’s an amazing feeling. And I don’t know why it happens here but no matter. It just feels like a blessing.

Tomorrow I begin to walk!

About goodyniosi

Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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2 Responses to Today’s adventure

  1. So relieved you acquired a suite instead of a bench! Happy ‘walking’!

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