Photo credit first: thank you for the pic, Peter Berkey. I remember standing there, looking out and feeling at home inside my skin.

But that was yesterday on top of Reco – time to focus on today and tomorrow and the days after. Here comes a new experience for me: front country camping. At this point it seems like a lot of effort. That said, the payoff is going to be stellar.

We pull out tomorrow and take the long, we’re-going-to-have-a-picnic-en-route road to Lardeau and beyond to Glacier Creek.

And there’s the first problem right there: what the hell is a picnic? Simon says I don’t understand them. He’s probably right because he’s said things like wicker baskets, bottles of wine, lolling on the grass and snoozing in the sun.

My idea of a picnic? Eat a sandwich and move on.

We may have to find a compromise.

At any rate, Simon also says we don’t have to bring camping food to front country camping. We are bringing a very large cooler (thank you, Sheila!) and I am baking bread and making a pasta salad and a potato salad and Simon suggested chili but 2 main courses is my limit. I am sneaking a couple of backcountry food packets into the mix. He also says we don’t have to eat oatmeal – we can bring fruit and almond milk and sandwich fixings and make food just like we do at home.

I beg to differ. At home I have a counter, a sink, a stove, a bread board and many other things I will not have in a camp. It all sounds very labour intensive.

Yes, I know – I will suck it up and figure it out. Carrying 30 plus pounds on my back may be a bit of a pain but I suspect less of a pain than filling a truck with bags and coolers full of food and then doing food prep.

But I’ll give it all my best shot. Yes I will.

Keeping my eye on the prize: day one (actually day 2): Jumbo Pass. Day 3: MacBeth Icefields. Day 4: Monica Meadows and home. And you know what home means: a very long hot shower and a big pile of laundry.

And, most importantly, a zillion (hopefully) fabulous photos.

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