Blueberries and Purpose

Blueberries first: my first picking of the season and I brought home almost 7 pounds!

And they are sensationally good!

And there I was in Winlaw, picking in the sun, surrounded by flowers and gentle distant conversation of the workers – Winlaw, the land of the mosquito – and for the first time this summer, not one single bite or even the hint of an attack.

I am NOT complaining.

And then a walk this afternoon after a ton of other chores, and reflecting on the last post in The Purpose Project. Your thoughts control your feelings. Well, yes – no one else does – no outside force. It is how you think about things.

I started connecting a few dots. Thoughts are things. Yes. Your thoughts determine what you attract into your life. Thoughts precede action. Think about a new pair of hiking boots long enough and eventually, you’ll do research, look around and buy them. Thought: these are great boots! Feeling – happiness.

Thought: I hate these boots. I made a mistake. Feelings – well, certainly not happiness.

At any rate, I thought about my thoughts. I know that I am in charge of them and I can think (therefore feel) any way I want to.

And I thought, what stops me from thinking super amazing thoughts constantly?

The first and most obvious (although uncomfortable) answer is “wanting to be right about something, usually an unworkable position. If I give up the need to be right, what am I left with? Well, I lose that charged feeling of “I told you so” and on and on. Instead, I am left with dealing with things the way they are, and moving forward.

I am left with responsibility – my ability to respond to any situation. I can decide  to think unhappy thoughts, make myself right and get my revenge in any one of many creative ways (withdrawal being a great one) or I can be accountable for any situation I find myself in, think about the good/learning aspects and respond with positive thoughts. And that leads to good feelings.

And that leads to the results that I want.

It’s all very abstract. To be more concrete, at this moment, I take joy in my garden and thinking what an amazing summer season we are having. I am full of joy about the hiking and backpacking I/we (Simon and I ) are doing – revelling in it.

I am also feeling enormously grateful for the work he’s doing out there. This place is looking nicer all the time!

So I have Simon, my garden, hiking and now, a new writing project that has me intrigued.

Reminder – be conscious of my thoughts – examine them – spin them until they work for me.

Mother Theresa famously once said when asked to attend an anti-war rally “No. But let me know when there is a rally that is pro-peace.”

In other words – find the positive and support that. Negative thoughts attract things that are negative, even when they appear to be positive.

The Law of Attraction does not understand the word “no.”

Our society these days (politics) is crazily focussed on the negative. It’s the easiest trap to fall into.

Here’s to avoiding that pitfall.

About goodyniosi

Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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