Thoughts on Life

Credit first: thanks to Peter for the super pics – heck – there I am all over the place! Seems a bit too vain? Ah heck – let vanity rule for a minute or two at least.

Okay – thoughts about life. I look at these photos and I think, “This is what life is about! This is what makes my heart sing!”

But it’s not all bliss, puppy dogs and rainbows up there. There are moments in hikes like this where I think “WTF was I thinking!?” This happens when I’m stuck on a ridge or sliding on scree or – well – doing a whole lot of hard, painful or plain dumb things. But there’s always the sense of achievement – and then there are the views. And then, most of all, there is the feeling of being utterly connected to the majesty around me – knowing that these mountains are my gods and that I belong to them. “Bliss” is not the word I would use – and not even “home” – because home comes in the alpine meadows. The feeling is something more majestic – being a tiny part of something that is beyond beauty and wonder.

That is one thought about life.

And while that is important, the other part is that I can’t live my life in this constant state. Oh, maybe some wise enlightened guru-type being can – I’m not that enlightened.

Watching posts from The Purpose Project – and engaging in some of the conversations – has had me re-examining my purpose. I know what it is but I also know that I have not been living it fully. By that I mean I have not developed vehicles to fully express my purpose.

And then (ain’t life grand?) came an email – and another email – and an intriguing proposition that I’m about to explore in greater depth.

It’s all coming back together: my calling, my purpose and how I am meant to live my life. I am a story teller. My current method of doing that is writing – and it’s a method that brings me great satisfaction. I also loved telling stories through film. Either way – I can make a difference by telling stories that are important – stories that can create change.

This is important. It is important work. And I can do this.

And I can be up in the mountains – and I can find a balance between this work and this time in the mountains that re-energizes my soul.

Just some musings – nothing concrete – nothing earth-shaking – merely the beginning. But then – beginnings are rather lovely.

About goodyniosi

Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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