Seeds Across the Border

I shall begin by making a short story long.

It all started when I planted my pole bean seeds and realized that I’d forgotten one essential ingredient: you cannot make a bean salad or, in fact, anything to do with green beans without adding fresh summer savory. And darn it, I’d forgotten to buy the seeds.

No problem! I just ordered them online from a place in the U.S. that sold organic seeds. Two dollars and a bit and quick delivery.


And so I waited and waited and waited. Finally, last week, I thought to check the remaining seed supply at the local hardware store and – yay! – they had summer savory seeds. Also organic. I bought them. Time to sow them was growing short. I feared my ordered seeds had drifted off to Kapaskasing (also in the middle of nowhere).

And then today, we went to the mailbox and there was the envelope that obviously contained my seeds. As I began to open it, I noticed that it had already been opened and resealed with transparent tape. Oh well, I thought, the customs folks were just checking – and that would explain the delay.

I peeked inside the envelope only to find a bunch of shredded paper. Huh? Was the shredded paper being used to cushion the seed packet? But why?

I examined the paper more carefully. Odd – the shredded paper was the seed packet!

Why would someone open the envelope, take out a packet of herb seeds, and then shred the packet?

When I dug around I found the little plastic container of seeds – so – not confiscated. But shredded?

I think I’ll order my seeds from Canadian sources in the future.

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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