Record Mountain and Mount Kirkup

I think that today’s Plan B actually turned out better than Plan A.

“A” was the 7 Summits Trail end to end. “B” involved Rick and I driving to the Old Glory trailhead early this morning and taking on a couple of peaks. First we slogged up and then up some more and then even more. I finally completed the only portion of the 7 Summits Trail I have not yet done. And it was wonderful!

We ran into three other KMCers on the way – they had come up from Red Mountain Lodge and were also on their way to the top of Record Mountain. We teamed up and went up – still up. And then around to the south end of Record and up. And there it was – a huge boulder field.

Okay – I went up through the boulder field and after the false summit – because there is always a false summit – we reached the top – beautiful views in all directions.

We had lunch and swatted flies and headed back down. But not the same way! I stated quite clearly that I suspected there was another way – down the steep east section and thus avoiding boulder fields. It not only worked beautifully, but it also shortened our return time by a good 20 minutes or more.

And so we parted ways and Rick and I headed back. I should also mention at this point that the trail was uphill in both directions.

Isn’t it always?

But then we decided to tag Mount Kirkup on the way back. We also had Gray as an option and I would have but it was a short uphill to the top and it was a ski hill road and ugly so – no thanks.

Kirkup, however, was a nice challenge – a 1.3 K route with tons of scree at the top – and I don’t mind scree at all – and a huge summit cairn. The views were pretty awesome too.

And after that we headed down and down and down – yeah – all the up had to become down. 8 hours and 45 minutes after setting out we were back at the car. Getting into sandals felt mighty good.

All told we did about 1100 elevation – or more – conservative estimate. My GPS wasn’t working and Rick has to finalize the stats on his. We know it was 24.1K all told.

Brilliant day! I’ve wanted a good long hike for a while and today I got it.

My body is happy.

And meanwhile at home, Simon, the amazing man, rescued a woodpecker which he is now nursing and a frog, which he returned to the pond.

It’s just one of the things I love about him.

Lucky me!

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