Another In Between

Yes – another day in between hikes – and this week is shaping up to be pretty epic.

But before I get into that – see those photos? Yep – my garden. Well, “our” garden really because Simon does most of the weeding, especially the heavy-duty horsetail weeds. He’s far more meticulous about it than I am. I tend to wait until weeds are big enough to grasp and yank. He picks them when they’re tiny and a pain in the butt.

At any rate, we have enough lettuce to dine on salads every night. And hey – that’s pretty much what I’m doing. Fresh baked bread and salad – I can’t imagine anything better or more delicious.

And we have spinach and collards and chard and pak choy and onions and radishes and tons of other stuff.

Yes – I am still waiting for the third and final sowing of beans to come up.


So, when I finish writing this, more playing in the garden.

And I love the flowers, especially the first iris to open up, thanks to Sheila’s generous gifts last fall.

Tomorrow the epic-osity begins (if that’s not a word it should be). Grohman and perhaps also Kubin tomorrow. Then, on Tuesday we shall make an attempt on summiting Brennan. We should be able to do it. We have hardpacked snow instead of scree and rock and we’ll have a trail to follow, thanks to KMC members going up tomorrow.

Then, on Thursday, the entire 7 Summits trail end to end. Snow? maybe. But to hell with it. Bring it on! A little bit of slush and stuff never hurt anyone, right? Right!?

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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