Few things are more tiring than shopping, especially when it requires a 4.5 hour drive each way – and you end up on the “strip” in Kelowna with its bumper to bumper traffic. I’d thought I could get in and out in an hour. No!

First: Home Sense – got a few things but wasn’t sure about a lot of what I wanted. Next – Orchard Park Mall – the QE Home store – all they had were the down pillows – everything else – well, their quality has deteriorated badly. Next – Bed, Bath and Beyond – got the duvet cover and pillow cases. Next – back to Home Sense for the towels.

After that – I was so done.

Drove back; stopped five minutes for lunch in the car – drove home.

Got up at 5.15 a.m. – left at 6.30 a.m. – back home at 5.15 p.m.

Yes – exhausted.

Lessons learned:

  1. I can take the city in very short bursts.
  2. I can do shopping in even shorter bursts.
  3. I can live in a city but it would have to be a residential neighbourhood with tons of nearby parks and trails and a fast escape to the mountains.
  4. I prefer rural.
  5. But access that’s closer that 4.5 hours is also nice.
  6. Most of all – whew!

About goodyniosi

Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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