Tiger Lilies and Political Thoughts

I had a nice if chilly walk this morning with the puppies on the Lower Butter loop trail – the chief feature being lovely tiger lilies (see photos).

However, I have spent most of the morning reflecting on politics. The events of the last few days have brought international politics sharply into focus for most Canadians – so much so that the Conservatives are actually siding with the Prime Minister. We have lists of companies to boycott (selling Trump products or owned by Trump) published in such old-school respectable journals as MacLeans.

Like many others, I have been reasonably verbal on Facebook and Twitter. And I have seen that many Americans are apologetic and supportive of Canada and Canadians – mostly, of course, those who did not vote for Trump and those who are embarrassed to admit that he is the President of their country.

And this is where I have chosen to diverge from the path most Canadians are following. Ever since Trump was elected, I have heard apologies from Americans – and that’s at least 1.5 years now.

I say “Enough!”

If you can’t remove a man who is unfit for public office after 18 months, then I would venture to say that your system of checks and balances is not working.

Trump has lied thousands of times; he has done everything in his power to undermine democracy. He is a boor, a misogynist and a racist. He admires and courts authoritarian leaders and undermines Western democracies. He is, in short, a Fascist.

Apologies and good thoughts don’t change that. I won’t accept them. Do something! Do what? I don’t know. Invoke the emoluments clause? Revolt? Do what it takes. We have seen how this plays out. Remember the Second World War? We know how this ends.

There were a lot of nice German people in that country who didn’t like their leader and who apologized to their Jewish neighbours. I know about this. My grandparents were nice people who apologized and even stood up for their friends. I had a grandfather who had a seat in Parliament – the opposition, I should say.

Fascism has a way of creeping up slowly and undermining democratic institutions one by one until they fail.

And it all starts with the rallying cry of “fake news!”

Do Something – stop apologizing.

I come from a generation of women that was taught to be quiet, sit in a corner, be polite, and don’t ruffle the waters. I was taught not to speak out. I was taught that the most important thing is to have everyone like you.

It’s hard for me to speak out, especially when I see the result – people I like and admire disagreeing with me. It’s hard for me – it takes guts. Honestly. It may not seem hard to most people, but it is for me. I am programmed to be “nice.”

But I feel that I must speak out on this – that I must take a stand.

There are too many things I don’t take a stand on – things I believe in strongly. I see a fine line between honest and open discussion and debate and searching for common ground – and taking a stand for what we know is right. I think that I often make the mistake of opting for compromise – of trying to find a solution that works for everyone. Well, that’s not always possible.

In this case – with Trump and his supporters, there is no solution other than removing him and his enablers.


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