The Myth of the Shoulder Season

I almost bought into it – not that there isn’t such a thing as “shoulder season” – of course there is – but that somehow shoulder season should limit my ability to hike.

Certainly, on Vancouver Island, I hiked in different places in the winter because on the coast there are plenty of lower lying mountains that never get any snow. Conversely, in the high places, the snow lingers longer than it does here. And what do people do? Hell, they get out anyway! What’s a little bit of snow? There are places where there is snow in August.

Here, I’ve found a treasure-chest full of snowshoeing places in the winter. No winter hiking, but to make up for that, there’s the alpine! So that’s awesome!

And then “shoulder season” hikes open up but as I have discovered, there’s no reason to limit ourselves. All we have to do is be prepared to grab an ice axe and crampons or just hoof it through snow in some places. The alpine is accessible here year-round. So – that’s awesome. No, you can’t reach it easily where we live but just drive south 90 minutes and there you are!

That’s the good news.

It is also good news that it’s raining, or should I say pouring. Glad we went up Mount Plewman yesterday and really glad for the rain for several reasons:

a) mitigating “fire season”

b) watering the garden

c) giving me a great excuse to be a lazy toad

An interesting thing: I am so ready to move into a place that really works – and I want that to be “works” for both of us. – A place with room for a garden, lots of light and sun, a community where I can walk or cycle where I need to go and within easy reach of hiking, skiing and snowshoeing. At the same time, I know that I can’t predict how long the sale of our place will take so I am feeling quite content to be here and to make this a beautiful home while we are here. Wherever we are is home and it’s up to us to make it feel like that – a lovely refuge – a nest.

The guy from Kelowna picked up the canoe this morning. His kids (9 and 11) wanted it so badly. They are going canoeing tomorrow. I’m so pleased it found a lovely home.

I believe there may be a road trip in my future. Home Sense perhaps?

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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