Wakefield Trail Attempt

Ah yes – once again, “Did not turn out as expected!”

Not that it didn’t start out rather nicely. We all met as planned, piled into Ann’s jeep and our truck and headed up the Wakefield Road. It had been cleared, they said – you could drive all the way up to the trailhead, they said.

“They” were ATVers who had not considered the fact that trucks and jeeps are wider than ATV’s.

We barely made it to the second three-point turn. There we abandoned the vehicles and trekked up the road. We hit the trailhead. Perfect. – on we went, excited. What a glorious Day! Yay!

Oops! – look at that – a blowdown. Okay – no big deal. We were bound to find one or two trees down.

I think if we had counted, we would have added up maybe one or two hundred trees down. (slight , but not huge exaggeration). We crawled under, we scrambled over and at least twice, freelanced up the very steep mountainside to get around a whole bloody forest that had come down. Needless to say we were adding quite a bit of time to the hike.

We persevered. Simon rightly pointed out that some of the stuff we were going under and over was mightily dangerous – hanging by a thread, so to speak.

But we persevered. We got closer to the alpine and crossed the first gully. We came to the second gully – snow. Ok – no big deal. I was in front and put one foot and then another tentatively on the snow, testing for consolidation and so on. It was technically snow and in reality, a steep sheet of ice. I backed off. Chris thought he might be able to kick steps. Not a chance. And no, we had not brought ice axes – the only safe way to get across.

We had two options, call it and turn around or bushwhack up to a place higher up the gully that was snow free – and then bushwhack back down the other side.

What the hell – we headed up – steep, messy and pretty ugly. After about fifteen minuets, Chris said something to the effect of, “I’m done with this s&%t.”

So we called it, turned and had a lovely lunch in the sun with a glorious view. Then we headed back down – yup – through all the stuff we fought our way through on the way up.

And you know what? We had a wonderful day. Ann, Simon, Chris and Kathryn were beautiful company. We laughed and talked and I do believe I came away with the best summer legs.

Afterwards, it was so nice to have Chris and Kathryn stop by to look at our house and garden. So nice to know that it’s as pretty as we think it is.

And now? Eager for the next adventure, although a bit less bushwhacking would be appreciated.

About goodyniosi

Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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