A day of ambling

There are walks – and then there are walks.

Yesterday it was pretty much straight up for more than 1100 metres. Today? Not so much – two hours walking through the village of Slocan with one gentle incline that I am embarrassed to even call an incline.

Let’s go back to yesterday for just a minute. Somewhere on the Internet is a description of the hike that goes something like this: The first part is steep. Then there’s a forest walk. Then you hit s steep section. After that is a lookout and a steep section followed by a steep section, after which you’ll find two steep sections to the top.

As one hiker said: They could have used fewer words by saying – this hike is a steep section.


And it was really nice to hike with some of my very favourite people from KMC. The group was large enough (15) that we spread out quickly and I spent a good deal of time hiking alone and in silence. The rest of the time I spent with either Krista or Cindy – two of the most delightful people I know. So – a great hike!

It should also be noted that Leo had the foresight to bring walkie talkies because he figured we’d get spread out. He gave one to Chris and volunteered to bring up the rear. This was a genius plan. One little problem though. Shortly after setting out, Chris fell to the back and all the way up and back down, Leo and Chris pretty much hiked together. Ummmmm……

Chris did mention when we set out that we wold go at a leisurely pace and have a couple of snack breaks on the way up. He wasn’t counting on flies that we wanted to avoid  nor on the fact that we were an unruly bunch of anarchists. So we ate one snack at a lookout – that took 30 seconds – and then pushed on at a good clip. We did the 7 hours in 6 hours and 8 minutes.


But today was just that – leisurely. Simon suggested that we explore Slocan on foot because we have pretty much decided that this location will make the most sense. It has access to winter activities, access to summer activities, close to my friends, walking to all the shops and services and is situated on the rail trail for biking and skiing. And it’s laid back and quiet.

We (especially me) were pleasantly surprised. This little village appears to be on the cusp of good things. There are some lovely, quaint and quirky homes, more services (including a gym!) than we expected and some really neat trails by a creek and waterfall. Most homes have amazing gardens. Slocan gets a lot of sun and far more heat than we do up here.

So it certainly seems to work for us. Now we’ll just have to see what’s for sale when we sell this house.

And speaking of selling – sold the canoe! Excellent!

Did I mention that we are already eating from the garden? The tastes are amazing!

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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