Precious Little Moments

Every now and then it happens – one of those fleeting moments – so ephemeral you can’t hold on to it – you could take a breath and miss it.

I was lucky to have two of those moments today. Abby and I took an afternoon walk on the awesome trail and just as we were beginning the first uphill bit, the sun shining down, warmth seeping into me, I had a flash of utter wonderment – of contentment – of feeling blessed – and then love pouring out of me – most of it directed to Simon – knowing how much I love him and am loved in return – and then that love encompassing Abby and nature and everything around me.

And so I slowed down and ambled rather than hiked – took lots of photos.

And then on the way back, near that same spot (coincidentally!), I heard a musical chirping sound – much like a bald eagle might emit. But not a bald eagle. I looked out over the lake and very close to us, a huge bird, its wings spread out coming closer and closer, chirping all the while: brown with a white head. An osprey Simon told me later. And of course, an osprey. I know these birds. This one took me by surprise. It landed directly below the cliff on a nest in the trees where its chicks were. I watched it talking to them and tried to take several shots. They were all out of focus. But that didn’t matter. What a wonder watching this bird and its young!

And so it was an amazing afternoon walk.

And tonight – our first salad from the garden: a monster bowl full of greens and radishes – spinach and pac choy thinnings. And of course, fresh sourdough with it all.

And tomorrow – Lost Mountain.


About goodyniosi

Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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