Road Trip (not quite Thelma & Louise)

I got up just after 5 am – yes, it was early. By 7 a.m., Nicky and I were on our way. Destination:REI in Spokane! Purpose: new hiking boots (and maybe a few other things.)

It was exciting. First, we almost missed the border crossing south of Trail – it was that tiny. Waiting time: 0 minutes.

And then a surprisingly gorgeous landscape most of the way. REI – no problem. Found it without a hitch. Boots! There they were: Lowa Renegade GTX. I tried on my size. “I’ll take them,” I said.

Nicky tried on 267 pairs of boots (maybe a bit less) and finally opted for the Lowas. Why? I can think of several reasons:

1 because they are amazingly comfortable.

2 because they fit

3 because they’re a super mountain boot

4 because she wants to be just like me (who can blame her?)

And then we bought Darn Tough socks because you can never have too many socks. And then we were gone and on to our next stop: Trader Joes. Nicky bought loads of crap. Oops, I mean salad dressing and rice milk. I bought chocolate. Why? Because you can never have too much good, dark chocolate.

Next stop: Home Depot. It might have been this stop or the previous one where Nicky shrieked, “Turn here!” and I did an instant swerve, sending several drivers behind me into apocalyptic spasms. I should also add that when my stupid GPS couldn’t find satellites, I did stop in the middle of the street (quiet and residential). And yes, I got honked at. Loudly!

And so – efficiently and quickly we were done and headed out of town. Time for lunch. Probably past time. We drove past the ‘burbs and into the country, turned down a country road and opted to park in a nice rural neighbourhood, sit in the grass and eat. Pretty soon a sheriff’s car passed by, slowed down, took note of us and decided that two women sitting beside a car with Canadian license plates and munching on food were probably not about to terrorize the neighbourhood. He moved on.

And so back, across the border (where we were charged GST and PST on purchases) and back home by 5.30 p.m. Pretty darn fine road trip!

And we got the stuff.

And we didn’t pick up hitchhikers.

Nor did we drive off a cliff.

So I’d say it was a successful day all around.


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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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