Happy Day up Davis Creek

Glorious day!

I could leave this post at two words, but being a more mouthy type, I may as well type on.

The weather was as perfect as it can possibly be. Today was the first day of a tank top, which I layered down to five minutes up the trail. It was also the inaugural day of changing into sandals after the hike.

Ann, both dogs, and I climbed up the Davis Creek trail to the lookout this morning. This is a steep, steep trail and takes a bit of effort at the best of times. Kudos and a standing ovation to Ann for doing it. Yes, she was slow, but dammit, she did it – her first hike after recovering from shingles. Wow!

And so, at the top, she said she needed a rest in the shade. Why don’t I go on, she said, then turn back after reaching my goal (the ancient cedars) and coming back for her.

Sure, I said. Off we went – the dogs and I. Well, there was windfall – a jungle of windfall. There were trees to get over, crawl under, and even bushwhack around because it was so bad. But I went on. And then we hit snow. The dogs were ecstatic about this. They rolled in it, laid down on it, and generally thanked their stars for it. They’d been darn hot and all I could do to help them out was give them some water in their travel bowl.

We went on until the trail got to a bit of a bend. At that point I was concerned that Ann might not be able to follow our track and turned back – a couple of minutes and there she was, all energy back and raring to go to the end.

Awesome! My admiration for her skyrocketed once again. And so we went through the snow, Shanara leading the way and finding the trail perfectly. And then – there they were – the big trees. surrounding them were waterfalls, seasonal creeks and marshes as well as water under the snow (very happy puppies!). We stepped cautiously, always aware of the water below our precarious snow bridges.

It was beautiful and as awesome as always. Best of all, Ann had never been and was thrilled to have come.

Having touched them, admired them, and photographed them, we headed back to the lookout for lunch (dogs were very happy about this!) and then back down. The entire trip was about four hours and I could give an accurate elevation gain – but I forgot to turn off my tracking app until I got home. Yeah – Not quite as accurate as I would like my data to be.

It was a GREAT day!

I’ve had a bubble bath, I’ve watered the garden, and I’ve had more time to determine what I want my future to look like. More and more, I think it’s about staying here and moving to a house in the valley – with enough money left over that I can travel when I want to.

I am beginning to think of the island the way I do about Vancouver – love it but can’t afford to live there.

Those are my thoughts now. I stress “now.” I am sitting with my thoughts and decisions until they feel absolutely right.

But in all this mix I do believe that Simon and I and our love are going to make it through – and that we’ll both be happy with the next step we take.

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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