The Garden

I do love gardening – and, oddly enough, I like the really early stages when the beds are freshly turned, full of compost and manure and good loam – even before the seeds are in the ground: so many possibilities. What I mean, of course, is that nothing will have fucked-up yet.

Not a single weed or pest in the entire garden.

At any rate, today was all about the garden. First, we drove to Dig nursery at Playmor. I was pretty pleased to see that almost every brand of seed they carried was organic, heritage and GMO free. Nicely done.

We got compost, manure and peat and while Simon did stuff with the driveway and overseeding the lawn (hence the caution tape – not the scene of a police line), I emptied bags of stuff into the beds and dug and raked and hoed, being extremely careful with the zillions of huge fat worms. I am pleased to announce that there wasn’t a single worm fatality or even an injury. Thank god because I’m not sure how to make a band-aid stick to a worm.

I then planted the rest of the strawberries and pruned and cleaned up last year’s beds.

Fun job of today? Hurling a winter’s worth of dog poop over the embankment. Yeah – I know how to have a good time.

At any rate, I have all my seeds. Tomorrow is planting day: radishes, peas, spinach, lettuce, chard and collards – all the early stuff. I’m also going to go on a walkabout to find the perfect poles for my pole beans. At the very least, given that I’m scrounging, the poles will be “interesting” – at least as interesting as the stakes I need to source for my tomato plants.

It wasn’t until I started working the soil that I realized how huge this garden really is – we are going to have an awful lot of food.

And that’s good.

Another interesting observation – the gardening season here is every bit as early as the one on Vancouver Island. The difference is the speed and brevity of spring. On the island it starts in February and moves slowly with real warmth coming at the same time it does here. Here it comes all at once: whoosh!

Another observation: here, everyone has a greenhouse., On the island, hardly anyone has one. And here the summer is dry and hot – on the island often wet and cool just when you want heat. In other words, on the island a greenhouse is a huge boon. Here, I can’t imagine why you would really need one. You don’t need to protect your tomato plants from damp and fungus. I suppose it’s good for starting seeds early – but still – interesting.

The main point being, we’re going to have a pretty fine garden.

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