Brilliant – yes, there are those who would say, “Of course you’re brilliant, Goody! Wonderful that you are acknowledging your incredible genius in a blog post.”

Sadly, the title refers to a hike called Brilliant Overlook. So it’s not really about me. Unless you take into account that everything is about me in the end. (hehehe)

Okay – so Tammy and Nicky and I drove down to Castlegar and started up Dove Hill. I gave a loud and clear disclaimer at the beginning of the hike that once we started heading down from the top my knowledge of the trail was a tad sketchy but I figured we would find our way.

We walked up in warm sunshine – lovely trail: shorts and T-shirt. Yay!

We started seeing flowers at the top: glacier lilies by the dozens and then coming down Dove Hill we saw trilliums! Wonderful.

The sky was clear and the going super.

Then we headed up Brilliant Overlook – slightly gnarly trail but in excellent shape. Then, of course, the damned boulder field. Grrrr. But with that behind us we continued up until we hit patchy snow near the top. A gorgeous lunch up there and then the sketchy bit going down.

Yes, the various trails were a tad overgrown. I believe Nicky mentioned “bushwhacky.” But hey – it was a loop, right? And loops are always the best right? And no one actually got wet feet – so that was a bonus. And no ticks – another bonus!

And – here’s the amazing bit – no getting lost and finding the right trail back all the way. Yeah – I admit it – I was a bit stunned.

Back at the car 4.5 hours after setting out, 13K, 620 metres elevation. Pretty darn fine for a shoulder season hike!

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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