I’m not implying that today we had a bumpy ride – but definitely a bumpy hike/snowshoe.

It went a bit like this: I met Tammy at 9 and we set off with snowshoes strapped to our backs almost in downtown New Denver. What was this? I wanted to know as we walked (trudged) up an old logging road, which eventually turned into  a spur about twenty minutes after we had strapped our snowshoes on. Tammy promised a trail – eventually.

I was skeptical. A road! Akkk!

I don’t like roads.

And then – yes! A trail. Tammy informed me we were going up Silver Bump. Clearly few people know about Silver Bump because there were no other tracks – none unless you count lots and lots of elk. And Sheila and Ann, who live right there, had never been up. In fact, had never even mentioned the existence of the trail.

As soon as we got on the trail, things got interesting. Tammy pointed out the top of the bump – pretty decent elevation gain. And so we followed the faint indentation plus the cuts that had been made through deadfall – gave us plenty of direction.

There was a small piece of ugly side-hilling but it was short. And then we were in a draw between too bumps. Interesting, I said to Tammy, pointing to the first bump. “Have you ever been up that one?”

She said that she had not. I just said, “Hmmmm.”

And then there was a dip and then Tammy veered off. At that point we lost the faint trail. I opined that since we were on snowshoes, we might as well go straight up – given that up was our destination. So we did that. Steep but totally do-able.

It turned out there was a small bump after that so we dipped and went up the next one. And that’s when Tammy said, “This is not the bump.”

And that made sense because Tammy had mentioned brilliant views of both Silverton and New Denver. The top of this bump offered views of trees.

My best guess was that we had gone up too soon because it looked to me like there was yet another bump past where we had turned. And so we went down (steep) and picked up our trail again – and yes – there it was. And so we went up the proper bump and had out super views, walked along the ridge – more super views – and headed back.

Right – excellent – we had done three bumps instead of one. But, you know, I said, that first bump looked pretty easy to surmount.

And so Tammy asked, “Do you want to do it?”

And I said, “Why not?”

And so we free-lanced up that one too.

Four hours and 15 minutes and four bumps. Yay us!

I should mention that that bump also offered no views. So Silver is the one to do.

I didn’t have my tracker on but my best guess with side trips is about 400 – 450 elevation.

It was a good day.

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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