Mount Beattie (Plan B)

Plan A: snowshoe to Evening Ridge. Plan B – well, at this point we don’t have a plan B.

We drove, parked and strapped on our snowshoes. Holy Moly! Can’t believe how much new snow had fallen in the last couple of days. We followed a skin track up heading toward Hummingbird Pass, kept following it through the pass to the end. But wait! Just before the place where we are supposed to head up and out of the pass to the ridge, the trail peters out. The darn skier decided to head up, switchbacking out of the ridge toward Beattie and White Queen.

Well, I say – let’s plow on and forge a new track.

Ha! Call me naive. Did I mention that the snow was deep? It took enormous effort to break trail up to the top of the pass on the other side. Once there, I looked for any remnants of previous tracks that had gone up the ridge. Nada! Perhaps the faintest depression in one area. But essentially – it required starting all over and breaking trail all the way to the top: a formidable undertaking. Which, of course, was why the skier decided, “You know, I’d better do a Plan B to Beattie.”

And, because Tammy had never been there and she hasn’t had experience with snowshoeing in this kind of terrain, we turned back and followed the smart skier’s skin trail up the switchbacks on the other side – that trail led us all the way to the top of Mount Beattie.

What a great Plan B! The weather was clear; the snow was pristine except for one lone skin track and the views were amazing.

What was rather nice was that earlier this year, we’d gone up in heavy snowfall and I hadn’t been able to take a single photo. I made up for it today.

Loved the day and loved the fact that Tammy made it. She almost didn’t – almost stopped about 20 minutes from the top. And yes, she’s a strong hiker but it was very hard work. I felt it just as much as she did. My only advantage was that I knew how much farther it was.

So we celebrated reaching the top and then had a nice, fun time coming down.

Next: Sherpa on Friday.


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