Plan B

Of course we went with Plan B today – how often have we gone with Plan A this winter?

Answer: bloody well not often!

Plan A: Whitewater ski area and head up either White Queen or Evening Ridge. Plan B – akkk – a snowstorm! Right – Butter it was.

And so we headed up Butter, topping the first high ridge to the right – with the idea of doing the circuit. But hey – it was still early so why not the Butter Lookout? Nicky and I had already been eying it, figuring we could simply freelance up the old cutblock and pop out at the treeline instead of hiking via the road – way too tedious.

So that’s what Tammy and I did: straight up an extra 200 metres. And, at about noon, there we were, actually above the official lookout and maybe 30 or 40 minutes from the tippy top. But I thought – hey, let’s not push it. And we found a nice sunny spot for lunch with glorious views.

And then the fun bit, coming down, bum sliding a lot – and boy did we go! Our pants acted as magic carpets and we even avoided having to use trees to stop us. And that, believe me, was a good thing.

Then it was fun finding the actual trail that leads down and noting how hard it is to follow it once you are back in the trees. Right, now, with ice and snow melting, everything looks like a trail. But we stayed on it and got back after 5.15 hours. Very cool.

That said, this will be the last snowshoe on Butter for the season: the lower slopes are largely snow-free and the melt is happening very quickly. Most of the snow bridges are gone and the creeks are running.

Still – a good day. There’s nothing like working your body to get all those good endorphins moving. But there’s still more snowshoeing to do! Strawberry Pass and Whitewater and Kootenay Pass. We are not done yet. Time to formulate another plan A (with B for backup).

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