Short Story Tuesday

Today was a double short story Tuesday – posted one at and finished writing one.

I also took Abby for a walk across the road. She dragged her butt after me reluctantly. I think after our outing yesterday, her level of trust in me has wavered just a bit. Like, “I know what you’re up to – you’re gonna go up or down some steep shit and I’m gonna fall into holes and posthole and walk on cold ice and snow and I’m so done with that!”

Yeah – I made her go anyway.

But, back to writing. I like the story I completed today – “Beatrice Unedited.” In my mind it started in a certain place and somewhere around page two or three, it changed. A new character entered the scene – hadn’t actually thought of writing the character. But then there he was so what was I to do? And then my main character behaved a bit differently than I thought she would – and then it all flowed along beautifully because all I had to do was keep up with them and record what they were doing.

To a certain extent, this is what writing feels like to me – hearing the story presented to me by characters that kind of invent themselves (damn little people living in my brain) and then writing down the story they tell me.

When I’m done and the story is in its file and it’s time to write another one, I rummage around in my brain searching for ideas. They always pop up. Sometimes they are fully formed and I like that.  Sometimes it’s not all there but the germs are so exciting I can hardly wait to get started. And other times, it’s a slower start – there’s a hint of a thought and I feel like a bloodhound on a trail, sniffing, getting warmer, following the track until – ah! There it is!

I like it – all of it. No matter how the stories present themselves, writing them is good.

I am now at the point of having finished one. I will be fishing around for ideas. I am particularly fond of ideas that are different – story lines that drift away from the norm – what ever “norm” is of course.

I think there is lots of room to stretch, grow, and explore.

So – speaking of writing. Today has been a huge day for Simon. He is currently on the Amazon Bestsellers list. He has sold more than 100 books today and the day isn’t done. Wow!

All his hard work is paying off. The Kirkus review has made a difference, I’m sure. But I also think people are discovering that this is a good book. His reviews are stellar. I hope and believe that the momentum will keep building.

Ah yes – the writing life!

Oh – did I mention that it’s snowing?

A lot.


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