Mannethorn’s Key


Mannethorn’s Key is the title of Simon’s book – and very good things happened today. First, his interview on Kootenay Coop Radio aired – excellent interview. Simon was articulate and well-spoken. And you can listen to it here:

Also – the Kirkus review came out on his book. Kirkus is the gold standard of book reviews – professional and unbiased – and it was as good a review as we could possibly have hoped for. That’s even more exciting than the interview. So we’re both thrilled. Simon is, of course, over the moon.

The Kirkus review is here:

All that’s needed now is more book sales – and they are picking up, by the way. It really deserves to do well.

So – that’s my deal for today. Happy for Simon. Also happy that I got across the street for two hours today with Abby, even though I had to pull her out of a deep snow hole at one point on our hike. We are going deeper and deeper into the property and on steeper trails – well, not trails per se unless you count the ones I am making. One day we will get to the lake – or close to it. I know for sure we will have to set aside four hours to do it.

So that’s it. Hurrah for Simon!

And if I can make a suggestion: don’t buy his book, unless you insist on a hard copy, in which case you have to go to a local bookstore or order from Amazon – just download a free sample – it’s available on any platform – Kindle, Kobo, iBooks etc. – and read the FREE sample. Then go ahead and download all of it if you like what you read.



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