Incremental improvements

And so the day is fading, snow is falling down – again (or is it still?) and I’m feeling ever so slightly better.

Nicky had me over to her place for a cranio-sacral therapy session. It was quite wonderful. Results: I can see a difference already in my range of motion  – also less pain. That is super good news. I’m even thinking I may be able to use two poles for snowshoeing next time – whether that’s tomorrow or the day after. (probably tomorrow)

I will also feel incrementally better in the next few days because, once again, I am giving up dairy. I did that decades ago on the suggestion of my doctor – and it made an enormous difference. I do not tolerate dairy products well. No harm if I have lasagna once in a while. But yogurt for lunch every day? No. Sorry. No can do. My real clue that I can’t is that I crave it – and I know that what you crave most is what you are most intolerant of. That’s how the allergy cycle works.

So I’m done with that. My health and well-being are more important than a particular food.

What else – I wrote another story today. I just have to read back over it now and do the editing. I think I like it. And I’ll think that until I read it again weeks from now. I am surprised about the perspective time gives me. Just yesterday or the day before I read two stories that I’d written a couple of months ago and thought, “Hey! These are good!”

So that’s nice.

And I’m hugely tired. I blame Nicky entirely for that. She got me far too relaxed – also the energy flowing through my body means that it now wants to rest. I think it will be another evening of broth for dinner – allowing my body to rest and heal.

Except tomorrow of course – gotta get out there.

Simon’s book continues to pick up momentum – and he’s being interviewed on a local radio station tomorrow. All good news!

There you have it – another day in my non-eventful life. But wait for it – things are going to happen very soon. maybe not the things I want to have happen or the things I am planning to have happen – but all shit is going to break loose pretty darn soon. I feel it in my bones. Stay tuned!

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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