Writing and hiking

Well – this has been an interesting day!

Of course we woke up to a ton of snow. The good news is that it has stopped snowing – until next time of course.

I wrote another story. This one is a bit derivative of some earlier work I did and also a bit experimental. I’ll edit it later today and see what I think. If it’s not quite there yet, I suspect it has possibilities – and it also appears to be asking for a sequel. Things to think about.

I submitted one of my stories to a magazine. – What I’m saying here is that it’s been a reasonably productive day.

And then Simon and I took the dogs across the street, hiked up to the highest point and decided to explore a route down to the lake. First – it’s a very long way down. (which bodes well for having a nice elevation gain for the hike back up!) Next – there appear to be two ways to get there. Simon’s preferred route (and probably the best one) is a gully that probably joins up with Alwyn Creek and leads down to the water. My hunch is to keep going down at an angle the way we started, and angle along the cliff whenever we hit one until there’s another opening to go down.

We’ll explore more very soon – possibly even tomorrow. It’s kind of fun to see what’s what over there and to find and create routes.

I also ran into an unexpected online conversation about assault rifles and the Florida shooting. My ex in Oregon and his daughter are heavily on the side of “it’s not guns – it’s mental health issues as well as an entire devolution of the safety net etc.” Yes – this is true. The root of the problem is far deeper – but until that problem is fixed, why not have background checks and why not get ride of the assault rifles? He also suggested that I had no business having an opinion on what happens in the USA.

I begged to differ. Especially given that the USA seems to have opinions on what goes on in other countries. At any rate – that’s a very brief gist of the back and forth. I think my biggest “thing” about all this is the endless talk about “it’s not guns – it’s people” – a meme that has been so thoroughly promulgated by the NRA and Republicans who have been bought by the NRA that too many people now believe it.

How many more children have to die?

I salute the kids in Florida who are saying “no more” and who are starting a campaign for a walkout on March 20 until these gun laws are fixed.

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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