When skiing becomes walking

Dear reader – as you know, I occasionally talk about a day not going quite “as planned.”

Today kind of took the cake in that department.

It all started well enough. We got up and scrubbed the house (again) for another showing. Then, Simon drove me to Lemon Creek for a ski on the rail trail. Lovely. We got there and pretty soon zoomed off. It was a terrific group. Super nice people, as KMC members tend to be. Simon dashed back to the house to put dogs in truck and take them for a walk. I was getting a ride back with Sheila.

The X-country track was pretty icy. No – very icy. One person fell right off the bat and I went down next. But no big deal. I have learned to fall sideways and not on my poor abused tailbone.

We ran into Helen and Rick and her friend, Marilyn along the way. They were walking, aiming for the same destination. Helen had her broken arm in a sling and Marilyn was nursing a broken shoulder blade.

We got to the “big bench” and sat in lovely warm sunshine munching, chatting and so on.

Then we put our skis back on. I had taken three or four gilding steps when I hit a rough bit of ice and went down, my arm caught backwards because my pole hung up on something and I crashed down. Unfortunately, my arm caught behind me and I heard that dread sound (crunch, rip, tear). And there I was – down for the count, trying hard not to puke because the pain was so horrible.

“Oh shit!” I said to myself. It’s my right arm! I can’t afford to break my right arm. Instantly I moved my wrist. Good – it’s moving. I did a few hand squeezes – hurts but I can do it. Amazingly, we had two doctors on our trip. One (I think his name is Gary) came to my side and did the examination while I continued to try not to puke. God, I was nauseous. Thank goddess that I hadn’t eaten! As someone said, my face was whiter than the snow.

The doctor did some tests and determined the arm was not broken and the shoulder not dislocated. Both reasons to celebrate. Given my range of motion and the pain, he determined I had ripped the tendon near the rotator cuff, Painful but common apparently. Whew! What a relief!

It took a while to get going again – people helped me get up and I got back on my skis and started back down the rail trail. My answer to the spill was to keep moving and to keep the arm moving so that it wouldn’t seize up. But I fell two more times – shock and pain, obviously – and had help from Helen taking my skis off. So I walked back with Helen, Marilyn and Rick, three of us injured – so funny really.

I got stubborn though – insisted on carrying my own skis, poles and pack – and using the right arm pole to keep that arm moving. By the time we got back to the trailhead, I’d settled into a dull, throbbing pain that was manageable as long as I didn’t test the upward swing of the arm too much.

So – not quite as planned. Sheila drove me home, I ate a bowl of yogurt, climbed into a hot bath, had a nap, fed the dogs – and I think I’m doing fine. My main concern is to be able to go to White Queen on Wednesday. And of course, I will. I might end up being a tiny bit slower than usual – but I’ll be there!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, our people who came to look at the house were no-shows because they were seeing another one before us and got stuck in the driveway – had to call a tow truck.

Well then – best laid plans, right?

I think I’ll have a domestic sort of day tomorrow. Laundry, writing, a bit of a dog walk. And I don’t have to do any cleaning or vacuuming – so there has been some payoff to this day. That, and Simon getting a major five-star rave review for his book from a well-known reviewer!


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