Sandra’s Women

I have no idea what to say about today. It’s one of those occasions where words fail. Still, words r us so I’ll give it my best shot.

We arrived at the funeral home at 11. Just the women who had been most important to Sandra. I still have a hard time believing I was one of them. I am beyond honoured.

We placed gifts in her coffin: flowers, a bracelet, bits of yarn, spirit animals and, perhaps best of all, 21 uncooked popcorn kernels. And while it is true that the funeral home asked us not to include anything explosive, it does seem fitting that Sandra should be sent off with a 21 popcorn salute.

The final sendoff takes place tomorrow morning.

We talked, each of us sharing memories, telling about our love for her and her gifts to us. There  were tears, there was singing.  There were bits of poetry  there were countess hugs, lots of tears – and even more laughter.

At 1, after holding hands and feeling blessings, we left. Bonny dropped me off at Granville Island and I walked back from there. I needed quiet, alone time – processing and rejuvenating. Funny stuff has been happening lately – or it has always been happening and I am noting it more.

I seem to think thoughts – nothing profound, mind you, just mundane thoughts like “oh – that would be an interesting place to eat. I’d like to do that.” And a few days later, I’m informed that we’re going to this restaurant I just noticed. That sort of thing. My thoughts seem to be manifesting rapidly.

More important, I have been feeling something imminent – something important or ancient thrumming inside and outside me – all around me perhaps.

Today, in the funeral home, Noni and Sandra showed up. Their spirits were there.

Tonight – dinner with Sandra’s family – blood related and otherwise. and I am still processing.

Today’s walk:  Vancouver at its best in sunshine – the beach, the mountains, the parks, dogs playing, kids playing beach volleyball, folks out strolling, coffee and cakes and lots of smiles. Beautiful. It brought back to me arriving on the West Coast in 1986, feeling like I had found my personal Shangrila.

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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