Right! First day of skiing. And you know what? I set a new world record! Yes I did. Gold medal for shortest time on skis before falling on tailbone! (ouch!!!)

Was it my fault that at the very beginning of the trail is a hill that goes down? (I know – that’s what hills do – they go down) So before I had even skied one inch on a flat surface – down I went. And I do mean down.

Happily all was not lost because neither Sheila nor Nicky remembered to pull out a camera in time to catch it. Such was not the case the third time Sheila fell – caught it beautifully! (scroll to last photo).

So off we went and it was all going pretty darn well until I fell again. But this time I picked myself up handily – off we went. I listened closely to instructions from both friends: keep your elbows in, push with your poles, look in the direction you’re going, bend your knees, keep your back straight, bend forward (!)…. I was pure shite going uphill. Why? Well, dammitall, skis are just as slidy going back as going forward. At one point, when I thought I had the stomp your feet on the skis to go up thing figured out, I at least didn’t slide backwards, but I did stay in the same spot – kind of like running on a treadmill, except it was on skis and I wasn’t running….

But they encouraged me – told me I was doing fine; probably said all that so as not to get whacked across the head with a ski pole whose wrist straps I hadn’t adjusted so I couldn’t put my hands through them – yeah – coulda used those straps a few times.

Also, I think I need to get the skis adjusted a bit so the middle part touches the ground more firmly when I stomp.

Also need to figure out better how to do up my boots – got some snow in them.

But other than falling twice (Nicky said I fell seven times but really, who are you gonna believe?) it was a terrific two hours.

Tailbone is badly bruised. But that’s a bit like getting summer legs, right? Scratches in the summer and bruises in the winter.

Just before getting back to the warming hut and start of trail is a hill. I heard suggestions I should take my skis off and walk down. Hell! I went for it, tucked in, bent my knees and leant forward. Dammed if I didn’t make it three-quarters of the way down. What happened next I’ll leave to your imaginations.

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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  1. New word of the winter: Kerplunk.

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