Vancouver rain and Sandra

My life of luxury in Vancouver complete with king bed and my own bathroom and kitchen. All this in the heart of Dunbar. Rather nice.

But enough about my nice life. The reason I’m here is Sandra. Cheri picked me up at 8.45 this morning and we drive down to the hospice. I have no idea what purpose the building served before it was a hospice, but it’s beautiful. Something out of Tolkien. What you would get if a Hobbit married an Elf and they had a joint hand in the design.

Sandra has changed dramatically since I last saw her early this year. Of course she is heavily drugged on opioids and she has to be. Managing the pain. And she doesn’t want to be. It was very telling when her eyes got misty and she said how sad she was that she couldn’t get excited that her daughter was going to be with her in the morning. She wanted to be able to feel. And yet, there she was, feeling about not feeling. She has so much emotional intelligence. I think it goes beyond intelligence and deeply into wisdom.

She knows herself. She knows life. She is loved. There were five of us with her this morning and then two more people showed up. If she allowed it, her room would be stuffed full from morning to night. But of course, she needs to sleep. A lot.

I am so grateful that there was a wonderful party for her last January. So glad that she could feel the love that surrounds her so acutely – so openly displayed.

Tomorrow Annette arrives and we go back to have lunch with her. And I am determined to take photos.

After our visit, Cheri and I went back to her place, picked up her dog and took a walk in the damp, chilly drizzle around Stanley Park. Then I walked up Denman, stopped for a falafel, and caught a bus across the Granville Street bridge to Broadway. My aim – Thomas Haas chocolate. I think I got off the bus a bit too late because I kept walking and no chocolate. I don’t mean actually no chocolate because I got a handful of nice bars at Stongs. But tomorrow I must locate the good stuff.

Also tomorrow – meeting up with Alisa.

And now, some more editing.

I had to have a very hot bath when I got back. The chill of the drizzle gets right into my bones. Better now. Time to get to work. 

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