Plan B plus Serendipity

Plan A (or, as Nicky mentioned – didn’t go as planned) was to hike up what appeared to be road to the top of Cape Horn – that rather formidable cliff face just north of Slocan City. Well, it turned out it was a private road with lots of properties coming off it. So, after about fifteen minutes, we turned back.

Plan B – take the road (trail) near the waterfall a bit farther down and see where it would get us. We found a rather lovely forest and up we went on what appeared to be trails but may have been animal tracks.

But what the heck, right? As the trail began to disappear, Nicky turned back – she had a timeline. Sheila and I did not so continued. When we got to the gorge, we hiked up to the road ( a bridge goes with a road, right?) and crossed the gorge. Then we looked for a continuation of the trail. Nada.Nix. Not. Everything was private property.

But we were not going to be defeated. We continued slogging up the road and eventually said, “Now what’s that?” Well – it was a very old logging road, long overgrown and apparently used by snowmobilers given the recent cutting of blowdown.

Excellent – up we went. And up. And up. Did I mention that we went up? Finally, after the twentieth or so time that we said, “I think we’re near the top!” only to be met by another switchback, we bushwhacked straight up – and came back out on the road.


So – up – and up. Yeah, we went up. And then we could see it – the top. Another bushwack, this time postholing up to our knees in snow. But never mind. Damnitall, we were going to do it. It was right there!

Um no. False Summit.

A bit more postholing.



The top. HIgh fives all around. Hell – we were doing high tens! We sat down on a comfy log for lunch at about 1.15 – excellent views into the Valhallas, especially the Devil’s Couch.

And so we headed back down, which of course is always faster than up. Given the darkness setting in, we decided to take the road all the way. And here’s where it gets interesting.

We were very near the highway, passing our last property on the right – a guy out in his orchard finishing up his burn pile. He waved and said hello. We shouted greetings back. Where did you go? he asked. We explained. We started chatting.

His name is Abraham. It turns out that he is the founder of the Springer Creek Restoration Society and also a moving force behind the restoration of Slocan’s waterfront. He also has maps of the surrounding trails – he directs us to the website.

And then, it turns out, he doesn’t actually live on his lovely property with a nice house and barn and garden and orchard – he rents it out! His next tenant is about to move in but only for six months.

Hmmmm, I say to myself. A place with lots of property to walk on, miles and miles of trails at the front door and downtown Slocan a ten minute walk. Hmmmm.

I tell him that Simon and I are selling. He tells me to email him.

This might just be the place we move to. The last photo in this post is the view from the top of his orchard.

Ain’t life interesting?

And Sheila and I had a great hike! Sunshine and everything!

We clocked in at about 16K and about 700 metres elevation.

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