Sun! (briefly)

Two walks today! The first, this morning, was really sort of almost a hike – up the awesome trail and higher to the second ridge. And the sun fought hard to come through – momentarily it did. I was so excited I took a shot of my shadow. Yes! I had a shadow – and Wendy Darling didn’t even have to sew it on for me!

You have to take your moments where you find them.

Abby had a lovely time. And then – to make the day even more interesting – Simon and I took both dogs for a Carpenter Creek walk this afternoon! Oh yes – living life on the edge, we are.

The edge – yesterday, I drove to Nelson to buy skis. What an adventure finding the address. It was on Front Street. Being the organized person I am (!) I Googled the address first. – found it. Front Street is easy. It runs all the way through town: the main artery. The seller told me she was right behind the 7-11. Again – easy! A great landmark. I drove through the dark – not my favourite thing to do. But I got on the right street. I found the 7-11 – behind it was a liquor store! Hell! Talk about living in the right place. Still, I guessed, maybe she didn’t actually live there. I went into the 7-11, asked what address it was. Well, the sales person said. “This is not Front Street – it’s Anderson!”

“But…” I said.

Well, she explained. I was quite correct. I drove along Front Street but where the 7-11 is the street somehow changes to Anderson and Front is kind of in the general vicinity. A helpful customer got out his smart phone – he’d find it for me. He didn’t. Stared hard at the screen, turned the phone upside down twice and said, “It’s in this general area.”

Great – I can’t see street signs in the dark. So I drive around and finally park in the 7-11 lot and hoof it to the street that angles off what I thought was Front (but wasn’t) – because I can’t drive down it because where it angles it’s a one-way!

I still see no street signs but, having eliminated all other possibilities, I now assume this is Front Street. I walk up four driveways looking for house numbers because the numbers are on the doors, not at the bottom of the driveways and all the doors are hidden behind shrubs and trees.

I swear I am not making this up.

On my fourth try, I find the house. I try on the boots, the skis, etc. I have no idea if this is a good deal. I think it is. I hand over $200 for the boots, skis, bindings and poles. I carry the lot back to the 7-11 and drive back through a very black night (with rain!) and get home.


I do NOT like driving at night, especially not on wet streets.

However, I am now ready to ski – just in time for all the snow to have melted and the temperatures to have risen and the rains to pour down.


Time to get back to editing a book.

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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