It didn’t quite turn out as expected. Hmmm – this is beginning to be a frequent opening line to my posts. I wonder if there’s a message in there for me somewhere? Maybe a theme to my life?

Maybe also why I am increasingly taking a curious attitude about the future rather than a planning stance.

At any rate, Simon and I readied the house today for the Realtor’s inspection. For me this involved a lot of loads of laundry, considerable vacuuming and floor mopping, dog brushing, tidying and all that good stuff.

He arrived an hour early but we were fairly prepared anyway. He spent two hours with us, went over the property in detail. Simon , of course, knew his stuff – all the technical things that had been done since we bought it. At any rate, to cut to the chase, we agreed on a listing price (more than we had expected, which is nice) and signed to put it on the market Dec. 5. So that’s done.

How long it takes to sell? No idea. What we do when it sells? No idea. I simply believe that it will all unfold the way it should.

But I know that Simon and I are both pleased, happy, feeling good.

Change – it’s the only constant in life.

And so now – the photos: I had two good walks yesterday and today with Sheila – 10K and 6K – not hikes – walks. But they were good. Rainy, wet, cloudy – but the main thing was that we got out. And Abby even joined us today, which means that Sheila’s car got some good wet dog smell going for it to cover up the smell of spilled perfume. Yes – I prefer wet dog.

And tomorrow I will finally have a solid writing day.

And – oh yes – the Internet was back up at about 1 p.m.! Hurrah!

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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3 Responses to Changes

  1. Mike S says:

    Was this tunnel part of an old rail bed?

    • goodyniosi says:

      part of an old road, actually – it was the road that used to lead down to Slocan City. IN places, you can still see the pavement poking through and even road markings.

  2. mstrothotte says:

    Was this tunnel part of an old rail bed?

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