A Multitude of Thoughts

I was thinking of two other titles for this post: one was “miscellaneous (because it felt like I was going to write about a ton of bits and pieces) and the other “vanishing thoughts” (because way too often – as soon as I have a good thought to write down, it vanishes.)

I suspect then that I am left with nothing today but a bunch of rambling. So – here goes!

I have two good story ideas (my unbiased (!) opinion) but today was a trip report day plus making sourdough bread plus laundry and cleaning which took a bit longer than expected because I (with Simon’s help) had to take the vacuum cleaner apart to unplug it. This took time. Okay – Simon did it – I sort of watched anxiously.

Then it was noon! How did that happen? And then I got involved in a very long discussion on social media about elephant hunting. It seems there are those who believe that shooting elephants and bringing home the trophies is good for the animals(!!!???) The money the hunters spend goes to conservation efforts.

I don’t think at this point I really want to get into why this is the most specious argument ever. It’s a lot like trickle-down economics. Bogus!

Shooting (murdering) an innocent and highly sentient and intelligent being saves it? Sure! And the money goes where? Conservation? Really? I’d like to see those stats. Oh – and National Geographic endorsed that. Funny they didn’t do it until  Rupert Murdoch bought the organization and fired most of the staff.

Funny too that Trump says it’s now okay to bring elephant trophies to the US. I suppose it’s merely a coincidence that his oldest son loves to shoot big animals to display his manliness. I’ll bet he has the smallest dick on the planet.

Oh – and, of course, elephants are endangered.

Here’s my thing (well, one of my things) – when you encroach on an animal’s habitat and you drive it into tighter and tighter quarters, stop blaming it for getting a tad upset and maybe nibbling on your garden produce. Can we please stop putting band-aids on wounds that require major surgery? Every time we come up with one of these solutions to problems we caused with another solution, we create more problems. We are intelligent enough to look at the cause and go there. Give the elephants their habitat back. Stop exploiting these African countries. Cut off the ivory trade at the knees. Make penalties very, very big.

Okay – I have to stop with this rant now. But I’m just so tired of man’s justification for behaving badly. The roundabout reasoning is insane.

Okay – what else? We’re getting close to having the railings done. Simon’s doing an awesome job and because he’s working in the basement, I don’t have to hear too much of the cursing (whew!) A little while ago he had to do something with paint or glue or something. At any rate, he’s got windows open and fans on but it’s still in the air. I notice I’m beginning to feel more and more mellow. Deep breaths – ahhhhh.

A writing day tomorrow – and wracking my brains about what and where to hike and/or snowshoe on Sunday. And Monday! Need to get out.

But in the meantime, more deep breaths – god, I feel good!

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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