Mount Plewman Traverse

Today we went with Plan A, B, C and D. In other words, we didn’t have a plan. Drive down to the Rossland range and figure it out, we said. We discussed it in the car. Sheila wanted to do Lepsoe, Chris wanted to do Old Glory. I opted for Old Glory as well. And Brigit and Helen were kind of “whatever!”

Somewhere along the way we decided on Plewman. So off we went to Plewman. And then, very shortly after getting on the trail Chris had the idea that if we’re doing Plewman, we may as well continue on the Seven Summits Trail, do a point to point and hitchhike back. Sure – why not!

And so up we went, opting, near the top, to go straight up to the saddle, rather than the switchback trail.


And then up to the top of Plewman.

Also steep.

Did I mention snow? But it was the kind of snow that didn’t require snowshoes. Not until later when we started postholing ever so slightly (Ha!) – but we didn’t have snowshoes with us so it was a moot point.

Lunch was idyllic. Birgit mentioned that it might as well have been a late spring day. We sat down at the top of Plewman, facing south, right into the sun. Not a bit of wind – just warmth and sun and glorious views! In other words, perfect!

Then we started back – up and along the ridge and eventually joining the Seven Summits trail – which is on the north side – very icy!

But we all did it in slightly under seven hours and about 900 metres elevation.

What a wonderful day! Justifiably tired and feeling marvellous.

The last bit involved Sheila and I standing at the top of the pass and sticking our thumbs out. The other three hid. We felt that five people getting a ride was a bit iffy. The third car we tried stopped for us! Yay!

Lovely couple – dropped us at the our car and we drove back up the pass to pick up the shivering group.

What a day!


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