Butter Trail

Once again, I have to get used to the fact that when the forecast for the West Koots says “sunny” we are likely to be socked in with fog the entire day.

The only way I know to counter it is to hike straight up. Today that took almost three hours and more than 700 metres. But I got there – and for an hour or so the puppies and I basked in sunshine.

I chose to stay close to home today – I’ve just been doing too much driving. Our gas bill for this month was in the hundreds of dollars. It’s just too much. And so I took the chance of bringing both dogs as well. I’ve been cautious with Abby since she had her “incident” this summer.

At any rate, we headed up the Butter Trail – about 820 or so Metres elevation and about 16 or 17 clicks. I have to say, hiking through heavy dark cloud in the forest is not my favourite thing. My hiking joy was diminished. But I kept telling myself, “It’s okay – at least you’re outside!”

We were probably within 100 metres of the top when we broke above the clouds. Amazing how my mood changed! To see the sun – and the blue skies – heaven! And we had views! We had lunch in the warm sun at the very top and then, as we headed down and back through the mists, we had those magical sunbeams breaking through. It did my soul good to see that beauty and take a ton of photos.

And then back – and a bubble bath – and preparations for a very early start tomorrow: the Nelson X-country ski swap. I am still  on the fence about this. I have a bottom line for costs. Finances are tight and I can do without skiing this year. We’ll see how the bottom line goes. At the very least, going to Nelson means hiking with Helen. Fun!

Best news of the day – how well Abby did. She ran and played and dragged sticks and logs with her. One things she refuses to do now is jump over blowdown (and there was a ton of it – mountain bikers have serious trail maintenance before spring). So I watched her crawl under all the trees – and some of that under involved making herself as flat and fluid as an octopus. And then there was Shanara – so good. She stayed right in front, on the trail, unerringly finding every correct turn and divergence.

Excellent puppies! They totally deserved the big hunk of cheese I brought for them as a treat – and the extra bits of chicken for dinner!

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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1 Response to Butter Trail

  1. Shirley Myhr says:

    Gorgeous. Thanks again. Love hiking with you from my couch!

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