Crowe Mountain

Hard to believe but true – today was my first day of the season on snowshoes! Holy heck!

Today I also went with an unanticipated Plan C. Ah well, as I like to say – always have a Plan B and C in your back pocket.

It went a bit like this: I left the house at about 7.45 or so and drove down to Strawberry Pass – continued on down to the trailhead for Plewman and Old Glory. Oops! That parking lot does not get plowed and already there was thick, icky, crusty snow. No parking there today. Plan B – back to Strawberry Pass and do Plewman from the Seven Summits side. But I pulled into the lot and thought, heck no! I’ve just done that! Brilliant new plan (C) – go up Crowe Mountain.

And so I opened the back door of the car. Where are my hiking poles? Who knows! Thank goodness Simon’s are in the back. After a slight height adjustment, good to go. But you know what? No snow baskets. Well, maybe I won’t need them. Ha!

I strap my snowshoes to the back of my pack, put my gaiters on and start hiking. Why do these boots feel so awful? And why are they hurting my feet? It dawns on me: I just pulled them out of the back of the closet – and I forgot to put my insoles into them. Right! No insoles.

Soldiered on regardless. I had snow right from the start and a very faint trail heading in the right direction. That trail disappears pretty darn quick but I know where I’m going and head cross-country toward Crowe. Pretty soon cross-country becomes a very steep uphill. Now the thing is, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that steep but there is no trail, no flagging and no footprints to follow. I weave my way in and out of the trees looking for the most open areas, switchbacking here and there to make the grade easier – and eventually bump right smack dab into the cabin that sits 100 metres below the summit!

Well, I say to myself! You, Goody, are the queen of route finding! Nope – you’re the Empress of route finding! I think I said something like that in my signature humble way.

I found three people at the cabin who had come in from an entirely different direction, installing a new wood stove. Cool! And so off I went to the summit! Wow! Beautiful day: warm and sunny and excellent views. I’d stopped to put my snowshoes on at the cabin – very glad I did. Thanks to Chris Cowan for suggesting I pack them.

I found the ideal spot for lunch – sitting on a dry rock in the warm sun, facing toward Old Glory and Plewman.

Then back to the cabin and back down. I kept my snowshoes on until I hit the rocky escarpment – and boy, did that make going down fast – just zipped along! I also took a different route back. Thought I’d find something even more open and easier. Turned out to be pretty much the same.

And so – an awesome day. Loved it! Adored it! So good to get out. Now I’m looking forward to more writing tomorrow and more hiking on Saturday.

What a blessed life!

About goodyniosi

Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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