Dennis Basin

How do you spell perfection? D E N N I S  B A S I N. Yes – a perfect day for many reasons.

First – the place. Nicky and I have loved Dennis Basin right from the start – that first smoky day hike when we barely passed the col. Then we really fell in love with it when we went back and hiked to the summit cairn on the west ridge – and scoped out the other ridges and hiking possibilities (tons!). And then today – up the east ridges, which involved a fair amount of up and down, some of it with a bit of frost and snow on the ground – but the views! Oh my! Heart-stopping and ultimately – just plain blissful!

Or, as Nicky would say, “exquisite!”

At the end of the far ridge, looking down into the bowl and across at the south ridge, we mapped out the next hike up here: down the ridge, into the bowl, follow the draw to a broad saddle and then up the south ridge, hiking to the end, then back to the saddle and across to the original col where we came up. Yup – can hardly wait to do it!

Imagine – this amazing place is right in our back yard.

Okay – other awesome things about today – the company. Always the company. Tammy came and she’s wonderful and Krista joined us for the first time. Two big thumbs up on Krista. Not only is she kind and wonderful and just plain amazing and nice – but (here’s the real point – hehe) – she takes even more photos than Nicky and I! I love finding people who hike for the beauty and for the soul food of the alpine. Yup – another perfect member of the Silverton Gang!

I’m still basking in bliss.

And tomorrow is Simon’s and my second anniversary! How else could we possibly celebrate other than a hike – this time to Gwillim Lakes where we hiked last year on my birthday. It’s perfect! And bless Nicky: she’s going to let the puppies out halfway through the day!

I also have a bottle of champagne in the fridge for after the hike. So if I don’t post a blog tomorrow, you have a pretty good idea why.

About goodyniosi

Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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3 Responses to Dennis Basin

  1. Such a beautiful place. Such a beautiful soul! I’m glad you, Nicky, Tammy and Krista had a well-earned day of bliss!

  2. What a beautiful place ! I love the wide open high alpine meadows with those fall colors. Enjoy that champagne and happy anniversary too

  3. goodyniosi says:

    Thanks, Chris!!!! Tomorrow I will post from today’s hike! Epic! (best anniversary ever!) Simon said to say “You rock!”

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