Birthday (mine)

Seventy-one years ago today my mother pushed me out into the world. I was told that I was the heaviest baby born in the hospital that year (I think 12 pounds). I like to say that I’ve been losing weight ever since.

My mother says that every doctor in the hospital wanted to have a look, so there was a rush of men into her room, pulling back my covers to have a look at the full Monty phenomenon. Apparently I screamed every time this occurred. Such a  modest young lady – I was!

I know at least one person who is thrilled that I was born 71 years ago – he’s the one who spoiled me since yesterday. First, Simon was working on my birthday (today) so my birthday hike had to take place a day early. He was never madly enthusiastic about driving almost six hours to accomplish a four-hour hike. But I desperately wanted to hike Monica Meadows this year – and so he acquiesced and with both dogs tucked into the back of the truck (back cab – not outside) we did that yesterday morning and a good deal earlier than he likes to go.

Happily, he didn’t regret one single footstep. It was a beautiful, beautiful day. Monica Meadows wasn’t what I had expected – it was, if anything – better. And now I can hardly wait to see it in its green flower-sprinkled garments next year.

Simon continued to spoil me today: I woke up and he gifted me with two pairs of Darn Tough hiking socks, saying that he had to outdo my Bestie, who gave me only (??) one pair. Ha! Let the sock wars begin. I can only come out a winner!

And he gave me a mid-layer merino top with quilted insert – this is going to keep me so warm in the winter. Awesome!

And I have also gifted myself. I have been quiet. I have taken the dogs out for a nice, long walk, shopped for groceries and ended up buying a wagonload of the last peaches from the Okanagan! Hurrah!

I have been introspective, but not too much.

I have thought about my new book, but done no writing. Yet.

I have followed through on helping out a friend.

I am planning madly for shoulder season hikes – and that includes pushing the shoulder very hard – perhaps even dislocating it. Alpine as long as possible.

I am feeling blessed.


About goodyniosi

Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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