Monica Meadows and a moose

Monica Meadows today – a day early – but since Simon is working tomorrow, today had to be my main birthday present – which is, of course, a hike. And it just had to be Monica Meadows. A quick off-the-cuff survey had already confirmed that this was everyone’s favourite “most beautiful” hike. Yes – a long drive: 2 hours and 45 minutes from home to be exact. But hey – it was my birthday (will be tomorrow).

Simon agreed. Monica Meadows it was. And, get this, I even drove the truck all the way there and about 17K up the dirt road. And then a logging truck came my way. Eeek. Time for Simon to start driving.

The hike itself: yes, there was snow – far more than we expected. But it’s true – this is one of the most beautiful spots we have been this year. I can’t even imagine what it would be like when the meadows are filled with flowers. Which is why we are coming back next year. And we are probably coming back again and again.

The photos don’t do it justice. We hiked for more than four hours – not the standard three – just because there is so much to see and so many possibilities.

Beautiful. Stunning. And, to give credit to Nicky – exquisite!

On the long drive back we passed alongside Glacier Creek – and there in the rapids (not wetlands, mind you) a moose! The first we had seen since setting out on our epic trip last year. For more than a year we have been keeping our eyes peeled for moose. And no, I did not have my camera handy – or even my iPhone. But a moose standing in the rapids – with a huge spread of antlers!

Made my day very big time. So – an epic hike – and epic critter sightings. We even saw a coyote earlier in the day (and several deer).

Oh – and two happy hiking dogs.

A simply brilliant start to my birthday.


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