Domestic Bliss

I have to admit to something here – but please don’t let the word spread. Just between you and me okay? I kind of, sort of (blushing) like this whole domestic, back to basics, apron on, making preserves, carving out a homestead business.

Let me give you an example. First, I was wearing an apron for a good part of the day. Thankfully, it was a gardening apron (redeeming myself a little bit here) but still, I also wore it in the kitchen because I made a LOT of plum preserves.

It all came back to me from the year I spent in the Okanagan when I bought fruit by the crate from the local orchards and canned and jammed everything. So today – with tons of free plums, I made jam the good old-fashioned way. And I suspect it’s going to be pretty good jam.

And then Simon has been practically breaking his back tiering the slope for strawberries (and I fear I may mean “breaking” almost literally). He really is my hero. The work he does here is amazing! At any rate, I planted strawberries in the new bed and still have more to go. The garden is shaping up into something that we can be very proud of in a year or two – and one that will make us almost self-sufficient in food.

So – gardening and then there was the farmer’s market for a good part of the morning – one of those homey, community things – and I met Vida and chatted with Mick. And then I was added to the Kooteneer blogging group and that’s a community too.

I do community differently. I always have. I somehow find people of like mind (hiking, writing, living, loving) and begin to form bonds. And that feel good.

I think what I’m trying to say is that I’m settling into this place. More and more it feels like home. Three things are emerging. Well – one emerged light years ago – hiking! But this is hiking to a degree I have not experienced before. And it’s very fine. Then there’s the whole “domestic” thing. I like it.

And then there are the people in the community. There I am treading particularly gently – but so far, it feels very kind and welcoming. There is a place for me here. I’m waiting to see how that settles in.

Most importantly, it feels like Simon and I are finding a home here. Building a home. creating a place. But again – softly – I am treading gently. Waiting to see how it all unfolds.

About goodyniosi

Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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