Basic Days

Some days are like this: Simon and I pretending to be mountain goats high in the alpine (thanks to Nicky for the photo) and other days are like today: basic, quiet, catching up on domestic chores.

And while I live for days like yesterday, I need and love days like this too. Rest days. Days that sort of support my more adventurous ones. After all, we need clean underwear, right?

Sometimes, these quiet days inspire introspection and then I’m inspired to write down my thoughts. Other days (today) my brain turns to mush and it’s all I can do to remember where I put my car keys. Example: I am about to walk the dogs and have to go back upstairs three times: forgot wallet; forgot bear spray; forgot keys. Yup – brain mush.

And I suppose there are times when I need my brain to shut down. Everything needs a rest.

Tomorrow: hiking. Saturday: hiking. And then – The Skyline Trail. That’s the big one. I’ve been anticipating it for a year. I know it won’t disappoint me.

While I’ve been dragging my sorry butt all day, Simon has been weed whacking the property below our main garden – the area that gets most of the sun. I walked down there a few minutes ago. What I noticed – and what Simon showed me – a huge sunny area; a dilapidated greenhouse that he’s going to pull down, an odd sort of shed by the creek, and lots of fruit trees (apples, plums, cherries). We’re going to terrace the garden down the slope (strawberries) and then incorporate the lower area. I have all sorts of plans. I like the lower section: hot, sunny, warm and protected. That’s the place for sun-loving crops while the upper area will yield lots of leafy crops.

It’s a good start for our first year. More than good – a great start.

About goodyniosi

Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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