As usual, thanks to Nicky for the photo. She says I’m beginning to enjoy boulder fields. I say pshaw!

Maybe I am learning to tolerate them. But in the big picture, I still see boulder fields as nature’s way of keeping me humble – of reminding me that not EVERYTHING she does is about bliss. In other words, don’t get too uppity, babe – and watch your step! (literally)

Last night lightning struck the top of Alwyn – the very high peak behind our house. It’s not directly behind – Alwyn rises up in ridges and the summit is a bit of a ways back – but still.

So of course, there was a fire. Helicopters dropped a couple of buckets and then moved up the road to Roseberry where another fire was more threatening to homes. Simon drove around, observed, stopped a patrolman and made sure the reports were in. He activated the Red Mountain fire tree – went back out, saw it growing and coming down toward Red Mountain Road.

He was determined to stay up all night to keep us safe. I was even more determined he should get some sleep. I had the strong sense we were going to be safe.

And then, shortly before 6 a.m., we heard the most beautiful sound: rain! Not a drizzle: real rain pounding down on our roof. Even when it let up a bit, it still kept falling and is only now, late afternoon, beginning to taper off. And rain was not in the forecast!

We are so blessed.

So today, I have felt myself as a small piece of this great universe and all the miraculous things it does. I walked with the dogs briefly on the Galena Trail and I swear I heard the trees sighing with relief, opening up their arms to the rain. I believe their roots were dancing under the earth.

Prep time: shopping is done; my backpack is mostly prepared. Silver Cup Ridge!

Oh boy!

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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