Nicky and I had another beautiful day. It seems to me, looking back, that every day I have spent hiking with Nicky has been a thing of beauty. How many other people who I know (not many, I promise you) truly understand how we are connected to the Mother – how we are part of her and all her living beings? How many other people do I know who bliss out in the alpine?

Not many

I am blessed.

And so, despite the smoke and heat, we set off for Texas, taking a wrong fork on the road, correcting and finally getting on the trail (road) at 9.45 a.m. Up we went, getting on to Hollywood Ridge and then free-lancing (read “slogging”) our way up to the grassy knoll before the first Texan. This was the place we knew we would come back to for lunch – a magnificent spread of flower-filled alpine meadow, rolling down and out of sight with smoke-hazy peaks all around.


Off we went on a fine ridge-walk to the summit block of the first Texan. We had an interesting but fine scramble to the top. From there we surveyed the ridge and scramble to the main Texan – and decided against it. It looked gnarly, it was hot and we’d planned a return via Reco Ridge. That would be plenty for one day.

After the obligatory summit shots we headed back, Nicky the way we came up and me choosing to bum slide down the mountain bike trail. Never has a person’s bum been so dust-covered. I mean – never!

And so off and back to the beautiful meadow. And yes, we could have stayed there for hours. But we still had a lot of ground to cover. So – up and up to Reco Ridge. I’m sure the heat on that final slope went up to 40 degrees. It was an oven. We slugged back electrolytes and carried on – then we had a truly fine and blissful ridge walk and a good amble down the road to the truck. Total time hiked: 6.5 hours and distance – 19K. We estimate that with the ups and downs we probably did 1300M elevation.

Pure joy all the way. This joy extended to getting into the shower and watching 10 or so pounds of dust and dirt swirl down the drain. Cleanliness may or may not be next to godliness but man – it sure felt pretty holy today!

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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