Reco and sort of Texas (Peaks)

Nicky and I set off early this morning to hike Texas Peak – both Texans of course – the east and west peaks. To make sure we got to the right trailhead and the right trail, we both took our “Copelands” book with us. We zeroed the odometer and took all the right turns – parked in the correct place. Very proud of ourselves, we were. Then, just to make very sure that everything went well, Nicky took photos of our hiking pages. I also brought my GPS. Powered it up. Low batteries. Oh. Put the GPS back in the truck.

And off we went. For two minutes. We immediately came to a junction: the main road straight ahead and a very steep road going left. We consulted the book. It gave us no clue what to do. Our first instinct was left. But then, after careful consideration, right seemed the correct choice.

This decision seemed a good one after we had hiked 15 minutes up the road and came to the next fork – as predicted and instructed we continued to the left. Perfect. We were on our way. One tiny itty bitty problem. After we had been hiking a good 50 minutes up the road we failed to see the trail we were supposed to meet that would get us to the top of the ridge. Mountain bike trail? Plenty. Hiking trails with flagging? – zero.

What to do – simple. We free-lanced up the ridge. It was nice and steep but when we got to the top, there was the trail we expected to find. Perfect. We headed left and walked on one of the prettiest flower-filled alpine ridges either one of us had ever seen. And there ahead of us were the two peaks – east and west Texas. Excellent!

On we went and up we went. And then encountered a mountain biker (17 more behind him courtesy of Retallack Lodge). Just to make sure, we checked with him about our heading. Well, he said, pointing across the valley – that’s Texas Peak over there. You’re heading up Reco.


Well then.

Soon afterwards, guides with Retallack came by and confirmed that we were indeed on the shoulders of Reco. Okay then – maybe we should have gone up that steep road after we parked the car. But no matter, we were told – Reco is higher anyway. And – exciting news – after summiting Reco we can go back by crossing the valley via Hollywood Ridge hiking up to the base of Texas and then going down through the bowl and following the road to the truck.

Hell sure – we can do that!

So up we went.

And made it to the top. I wrote in the summit register: “Thought we were climbing Texas. Hello Reco!”

What a place for lunch – and a ton of 360-degree views. Yeah – it was the perfect beautiful mistake. I wouldn’t have done the day any other way!

With about 1000 metres under our belts, we hiked down and crossed over to Hollywood Ridge. I don’t want to know how many more metres we did – probably about 300 or so – but, after replenishing with electrolytes in the 30-plus heat, we pulled our sorry butts up that slope, admired the Texans, told them we’d be back for them very soon, and headed down the steepest darn double black diamond bike runs I’ve ever seen. Scree – Yes, I slipped and fell on my butt. Oh well. As long as my camera was safe! (whew!)

And then, just as I was beginning to doubt that the road we found ourselves on was the right one – there was the truck.

Made it!

Perfect, perfect, perfect day! And a huge shout-out to the mountain bikers and the Retallack staff – awesome people. They looked out for us so well. What a way to share the trail!

So – Glowing.


Hiking are US.

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  1. Chris says:

    Nice flower meadows.

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