Sometimes it’s all in the details.

One; Get up early, do laundry, clean house and haul ass to Nelson.

Number two: once in Nelson, sit down with Cathy and build a strategy for the Pursuit of Excellence in the fall.

Three: Drop car off at Kal Tire and walk downtown. The fun begins. I found a bakery (French) in a back alley that sells the most amazing sourdough bread and baguettes layered with roasted red peppers and triple creme brie. Well, what could I do but buy a couple of loaves (oven not working) and a baguette for lunch. Then – hey! It’s Wednesday! The Farmer’s Market. So I bought organic lettuce to supplement our own home-grown.

Then lunch in the sunshine on a bench on Baker Street, drive back in the car and find Simon building the fence and gate for the garden! (hurrah!) Even better – he went to the post office where our stove element was awaiting pickup, And he installed it! And I have a working oven! Is my man a genius or what?!

Bonus day! After trying for a week, I got through to the CRA and got my code to access my email! Yay!

I have programmed my GPS for my trip tomorrow with four stops in Vernon and Kelowna. I shall pack a toothbrush just in case and set the alarm for 5 a.m.

I walked Abby in the back 4 and she’s spritely and trotting along as happy as could be! (double hurrah!)

I weeded and watered, picked baby radishes from my second sowing and a whole bowlful of baby lettuces. The cucumber and tomato plants are growing like mad. I suspect we’ll have fresh chard in a week and cukes not long after that. We may have had a late start for the garden but it’s thriving better than I could possibly have hoped for.

And now, plans are underway for a camping trip next week: Jumbo Pass, Monica Meadows and MacBeth Icefield.

As I said to Cathy today – no, I’m not leaving. I’m staying. It took this long for me to settle in. But now that it’s summer and I can access the alpine and truly see the marvel of what is here, I’m throwing myself into it.

Exciting stuff!

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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