The Answer is “Hiking!”

Silly me.  There I was all grumpy yesterday, having forgotten “Goody’s Rule #1” – the answer is hiking. Feeling down? Hiking. Got a cold? Hiking. Bored? Hiking. Broken leg? Hiking! (might be a bit more like hopping but what the hell!)

Now I’m not saying that Nicky and I did a big massive hike today. By any standards, 40 or so minutes is simply a dog walk. But it was a Kootenay Road drive and there was some up and down and the destination (waterfall) was pretty cool so, again, what the hell – today I shall stretch the definition and say we did a baby hike.

Felt soooo good.

Today is like – uh – the complete opposite of yesterday. I feel good, optimistic and kind of, well – good.

Today I am beginning to love this location in space. Today I see possibilities. Yes, I know that Simon’s suspicions that I am manic/depressive will be confirmed. But, for the third time – what the hell!

Not only is today warm and sunny (okay – hot and sunny) but once again I sense good things about to happen. Anticipation. I love this feeling. I have this sense of abundance – of life spilling over with joy and love and all good things. Love spilling over my edges. (does that make me edgy?)

We did a recce today, discovering this was a good idea because the road to Alps Alturas and Dennis Basin is closed. Plan B – Idaho Peak tomorrow! Truthfully, I’m secretly pleased. Ever since we didn’t make it to the top the other day, that mountain has been teasing me – mocking me even. I’m coming to get you tomorrow! Yes. Yes, I am.

Back to baking bread – and watering the garden. And maybe even brushing the dogs.

About goodyniosi

Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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  1. What a gorgeous waterfall! 😍

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