Catch-up day – sort of

Boy – do I ever know how to make a first impression. Calling the BarkNRoll Inn in Winlaw that has amazing dog care (huge acres, river, no kennels etc. etc. I thought I would check it out as an alternative place for the dogs. I left a message that went a bit like this: “Hi – can you call me back? My number is… um – gosh – sorry, wait. Uh – my number is 382 – 55. No -wait. I don’t think that’s it. I think maybe 385 22 – No, wait. Um. You know, I can’t recall. I mean, I don’t call this number. So. Ah – I guess I’m sounding really stupid here. But I think it’s 250….

Yeah. They won’t call me back.

So how was the rest of my day? Productive – sort of. If you count scratching mosquito bites constructive.

Oh yeah – other than that: laundry, cleaning and getting to the market before all of the produce was sold out. In other words, I got there ten minutes after opening and that was just under the wire. This place gets ATTACKED!

But I got yummy stuff including cherries! And the address of a u-pick blueberry farm in Winlaw: organic blueberries ready in a week or two. You know I’m going to come home with pounds and pounds of them!

Gardening – walking the dogs on the upper trail at Bannock Point. Whew! Thirty plus degrees is hot! But I’m not complaining! No – not when I know that winter will once again inevitably descend. All the while as I was driving I was constantly in sight of Idaho Peak – it taunted me. Come and get me, it said! Yup – I will. As soon as possible. I am going to the top. Oh yes. I know I am now obsessed. But that’s what happens. Meanwhile, plans for Dennis Ridge are underway – alpine meadows and flowers. What could be better?

Today is all about philosophy and deep thoughts be damned. It’s hot. It’s summer. No thinking required.

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